So Selfless Good Deeds Really Do Not Exist?

Let’s give you a little background here first! We all are fond of watching English TV series, be it any genre.  For teenagers, it’s a very effective method to merely “kill time”. While we enjoy watching them, we never really absorb the hidden meanings in the subplots of anything that we watch. Let’s not underestimate the writers, they put it out there in a subtle way for you to absorb what you really want to. FRIENDS is one such popular American sitcom.

But the real magnetism of this comedy series is that it says the serious things out loud and you don’t even take it seriously. You can all relate to it, connect with the characters at some point or the other, it is like they are your friends, they are you, not just a TV series. Why? Delivered in the form of hilarious, yet probing, the dialogues from the series have become a handbook of ‘Quotes to live by’ for many. In one of the episodes of Friends called “The one where Phoebe hates PBS”, our wittiest dimwit guy of the show, Joey Tribbiani, says that ‘Selfless good deeds don’t exist!’ Now, as much as Phoebe doesn’t want the triplets she gave birth to, to live in a place where Joey is right, one can’t help but wonder if what he said actually has some gravity. If not, it is just a Moo-point 😉

joey selfless good deed.jpg

A good deed can be described as an act that helps the humanity, animals or improves our surroundings, it’s basically about doing something good for nature, anything living without expecting anything in return. But the meaning of a good deed differs from person to person and not each good deed is considered virtuous by everyone. The argument that there is no such thing as a totally selfless good deed essentially means that even the most selfless good deeds are actually done with selfish ulterior motives that one may be subconsciously dwelling on. Even in the most extreme cases of kindness, when you are so good to someone else, at a great cost to yourself, you would still come away from that experience feeling good about it and that means that there can never be any purely selfless good deed, because when all is said and done you benefited. Perhaps, the name of that episode should have been “The one where Joey made sense”. Although, he was successful in proving his point, that selfless good deeds don’t exist, it does not mean that the rewards which are reaped from the good deeds shouldn’t be cherished. There is nothing wrong with being rewarded in life in anyway, whether it is for being good to other people or whether it is for hard work in general. Even if selfless good deeds don’t exist, we should begin to bask in the glory of it all. And as someone rightly said, ‘It is not about you!” Just take what comes your way and live it.

karma good deeds

Author: Ritu Jha


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