Is It Alright To Lose Battles You Wanna Win?

When all you can do is pretend to read that unfinished book of yours with that goddamn bad habit you cannot quit, and revisit how you lost those little battles that you fought, wishing for more battles to happen, so that someday you can know what it’s like to win. What do you do when that realization strikes? Accept the chaos and own it like your own, right?

bob dylan

Times when you think, you should have taken life seriously, just brood and WTF the thought as black comedies are so much wicked than drama anyway! What is drama, really? What is normal, serene, really? To each their own, but living a struggle each day to win a war in your mind is not all.

war in my mind

Cause, let’s admit it, not all of us are lucky, not all of us are privileged, most of us are fighting the conventional, trying hard to become an unconventional exemplary diary. But not for others, for ourselves. For our insanity to get a meaning, to satiate the fear and loathing that takes over sometime, when we want to surrender. But why surrender?! Is it really about winning your battles, always? Or emerging a survivor? You can lose some and rise like a phoenix, instead just do what you want to do, don’t do what you do not want to. Just be that inglorious badass that you are and be your superhero. Just be you, whatever that you are, truly, deeply.

better than you think5




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