Kumble & Kohli Will Never See Eye To Eye Because Anil Is Truly ‘TALL’!

Anil Kumble announced his resignation! Does it sound about right? Why? The tussle between current Indian captain and the legendary bowler has dominated the headlines like a gossip column piece. Reports have emerged that if Kumble had stayed on as the coach, Kohli would almost surely “have resigned.” What? As a form of blackmail to the authorities? A little man child with reason enough. And reason enough for us to be believe that he is a rebel without a cause. No doubt, he is the best at his job, but he is definitely not the best person for the sport that is all about team work and what is considered a religion in our country.

anil virat.jpg

Here are some words of wisdom from the veterans from the field of cricket on the recent turn of events-

Bishan Singh Bedi: “Gratitude has obviously been thrown out of the window by whoever raising ‘revolt’ against India’s giant Anil Kumble! Loser’s Indian Cricket of course!”

anil sachin.jpg

Michael Vaughan: “India are losing a Great man in Anil Kumble… really hope he stays in some role…. far too good a bloke to lose … #India”

anil kumble bandage 90s.jpg

Brian Lara had once said that watching Anil Kumble run to bowl for him with a broken jaw was one of the bravest sights he had ever witnessed on field.

There was a time when rebellion made sense because it was worthy of the cause. But now any form of misbehaviour is easily termed as rebellion. Why? Any form of ‘I give a damn’ attitude is termed rebellion. Why? Any form of move against the authorities is termed rebellion. Why? Perhaps, rebellion as a cause is a lost cause amongst the generation of today.


The individualistic and narcissist breed of today has an immense focus on shining to devalue others around. Danish and international social scientists agree that the narcissistic insensitivity of this ‘Generation Y’ can be traced back to the generation that were college students in 1968, whose authority clash had significantly changed the world when these youths were born after 1980. And now all they want to do is exercise “control” over things. Really?

control days of thunder.jpg

Definitely, the rebels of the 60s regarded everything that was associated with rules and norms as oppressive. “And it was called liberation!” Free from all norms, free from all shackles, free from all agendas. To have a space to express freely. Which is not lacking in today’s society, right? We got it all! It is time for the youngsters to free them from their own self. They do not even know themselves and they are out there to change the world. Result of an inability to distinguish between being authoritative versus authoritarian, leaving concepts such as authority and boundaries blurred, our generation sure knows how to be a called limitless while drawing boundaries whenever convenient.. So convenient, just about convenience…

it is not about you.png

It is not about you… and the Indian Cricket Team LOST!!!




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