Bombay, You Validate Me

You validate my youth, you set my goals, you encouraged me to live my way, you shattered my dreams, you turned them into a phoenix, you gave me a career, you made me cry, you screamed at me about the reality of rain, you soaked me in the sun, you shook me to realize it is about the little things, you poked me for my underachievement, you pushed me to contribute to you, you broke me into weak pieces, you made me rise, you gave me the love of my life, you made me a wolf, you made me a survivor, you belong to me, I belong to you.. You validate me…

10 years have passed with you, have been under your shadow, upon turning 30 in another year, I just cannot wait to experience you more for a yet another phase, it will never be enough, for there is no sorcery greater than yours Bombay! You validate me.

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We are two wolves a decade apart who are running limitless, same same but different. Adept in comprehending that the key to writing any piece is to know the details of any prototype or entity that holds importance to you, we can measure the waters you want to jump into. Not intellectuals but observers. Not geniuses, but thinkers. Not achievers, but survivors.

Fortunately, both of us do one thing even better- smith words! Hence, you get a writing duo that never gives up their individualist selves to amalgamate into one collectivist writing soul with youthful exuberance. With over half a decade of experience in penning for several esteemed publications, digital platforms and popular websites pan India, here we are craving to expand our wings and go global. Bring us your beautifully chaotic thoughts and tale, we shall perform all permutations and combinations to present you an absolutely original work that you will want to accept as your own and put to exhibition for everyone. Catch us while we are on the run!