Kumble & Kohli Will Never See Eye To Eye Because Anil Is Truly ‘TALL’!

Anil Kumble announced his resignation! Does it sound about right? Why? The tussle between current Indian captain and the legendary bowler has dominated the headlines like a gossip column piece. Reports have emerged that if Kumble had stayed on as the coach, Kohli would almost surely “have resigned.” What? As a form of blackmail to the authorities? A little man child with reason enough. And reason enough for us to be believe that he is a rebel without a cause. No doubt, he is the best at his job, but he is definitely not the best person for the sport that is all about team work and what is considered a religion in our country.

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We Live In A Social Jungle But Do You Embrace This Reality ?!

Erik Erikson, a name no one knows apart from Psychology students maybe, but should know. He was a prominent psychologist who made numerous contributions to the field of psychology that mended lives with words. Best known for conceptualizing the identity of Identity Crisis, he learnt it all from his identity crisis that choked him at an early age. He is the survivor who told his story like a very few people do, the thought provoking  … Continue reading

Is It Alright To Lose Battles You Wanna Win?

When all you can do is pretend to read that unfinished book of yours with that goddamn bad habit you cannot quit, and revisit how you lost those little battles that you fought, wishing for more battles to happen, so that someday you can know what it’s like to win. What do you do when that realization strikes? Accept the chaos and own it like your own, right?

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Bombay, You Validate Me

You validate my youth, you set my goals, you encouraged me to live my way, you shattered my dreams, you turned them into a phoenix, you gave me a career, you made me cry, you screamed at me about the reality of rain, you soaked me in the sun, you shook me to realize it is about the little things, you poked me for my underachievement, you pushed me to contribute to you, you broke me into weak pieces, you made me rise, you gave me the love of my life, you made me a wolf, you made me a survivor, you belong to me, I belong to you.. You validate me…

10 years have passed with you, have been under your shadow, upon turning 30 in another year, I just cannot wait to experience you more for a yet another phase, it will never be enough, for there is no sorcery greater than yours Bombay! You validate me.

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