These Statements By Johnny Depp Will Honestly Make You Rethink Your Lifestyle

Johnny Depp was a middle class family boy from Kentucky who made it so big in the dream city of Los Angeles, California that no movie star can come close to his stardom worldwide in today’s time. Wondering why? Even after a series of box office disasters and a messed up personal life scenario? It is because he has been nothing but himself! Don’t you want to be yourself? Dare to, atleast!

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Is It Alright To Lose Battles You Wanna Win?

When all you can do is pretend to read that unfinished book of yours with that goddamn bad habit you cannot quit, and revisit how you lost those little battles that you fought, wishing for more battles to happen, so that someday you can know what it’s like to win. What do you do when that realization strikes? Accept the chaos and own it like your own, right?

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