We Live In A Social Jungle But Do You Embrace This Reality ?!

Erik Erikson, a name no one knows apart from Psychology students maybe, but should know. He was a prominent psychologist who made numerous contributions to the field of psychology that mended lives with words. Best known for conceptualizing the identity of Identity Crisis, he learnt it all from his identity crisis that choked him at an early age. He is the survivor who told his story like a very few people do, the thought provoking  …

Call him an artist or teacher, psychoanalyst or boo boo fixer, the man who got into your head or the man who had answers for the matters of your heart, he did leave behind the studies that influenced the society and culture on child development. His research not just enabled him to correlate personality growth with parental and societal values, but opened up the world to psycho-social development. Not just conflicts within society, he talked about conflicts within, enunciated things unsaid that society thought was a taboo. Yes, we live in a social jungle. Are you surviving just fine or following the Darwinian ‘Survival of the fittest’ evolutionary theory? Everything related to humans just boils down to a rift between their mind and heart.

mind heart.jpg

Erikson is credited for widening the scope of psychoanalytic theory to take greater account of social, cultural, and other environmental factors. According to him, the onset of the identity crisis is in the teenage years, and only individuals who succeed in resolving the crisis will be ready to face future challenges in life. But the identity crisis may well be recurring, as the changing world demands us to constantly redefine ourselves. You must read his theories and try to decipher the root cause of your vexation. You must read his theories for perspective that you have been longing to have.

A man’s conflicts represent what he ‘really’ is, he said..
Doubt is the brother of the shame, he said..
You are what you love, he said..

Love what you want to love, we say. Do not be ashamed of your reality, follow you heart, be led by your mind, do it all..do all that you want, embrace your own sense of right and wrong, real and wreck!!!


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